Friday, October 21, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016


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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Keeping Positive in Writing

This thought has come up once again for me, and as the holidays draw closer, and time appears to be dashing forward at a marvelous pace, I am left wondering how I'll get it all done.

I have a trilogy book to get ready before December (The Parables of Virginia Bean will, for the first time, be all in one book)

Work on updating Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2017 for its release in January.

Get everything bought and solidified for my signings in November and December.

Continue with my newest book, Tie Died, a new mystery for YA readers.

Keep my clients happily motivated in their own writing.

And more...

What about all else that accompanies the holidays??

Like you, balancing life is often about as easy as balancing a stack of cups on your head. Things get a bit wobbly, and often, are forgotten or come crashing to the floor.

Keeping positive isn't easy, it takes work. It is more natural to groan about our life and all we have to do over being thankful that our life is full and challenging. 

Ever feel as if you'll never get it right?

I know I do, but remaining positive helps. It keeps me going when the going has gotten the hardest. Keeping positive helps me to remain focused and balanced. I am better able to proritize my life. We can't do everything, but we can do those things that are most important first.

Whew! I feel better already.

Wow! I guess anything is possible!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Voting My Conscience

I have never written anything political on this blog - ever - but I could no longer keep quiet. In an era when the Republican and Democrat party canditates are about as pleasing to me as mud on my shoes, I decided it was time to speak up. 

In the beginning, when it looked as if Trump and Hilary were going to be the only two 'real' party candidates, I was going to opt out. There was only so much screaming, lying and blaming that I could take.

When Evan McMullin stepped up to the plate only two months ago, I was struck with awe mostly. I had been praying to know what to do, and suddenly, there he was in true red, white and blue.

Truth is important to me. Having someone stand at the head of our country that I can be proud to stand at the head of our country, is important to me. Someone who can speak to the public civily and with wisdom and 'smarts' is important to me. 

Who wants to be embarrassed by the President of the United States?

Not me.

I want someone who is intelligent, and who can answer questions intelligently without a slew of mud slinging. I want someone who cares more about the people than themself. Who is humble about what he's done and who keeps his promises. I want someone who will be a leader of the American people.

I'm  voting my conscience.

Are you?