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FRIDAY FLICKS: Lessons from Jericho by Kristie Dean

Lessons from Jericho by [Dean, Kristie]
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Tell me a about yourself. 
I’m just a girl who is trying to make her way in this world. No… well I am a mom, a wife, a Christian, and an author. I feel like everything I do fits into those four fields.

What got you started in writing?
It was a contrast between two things actually. First, I read an amazing book called Eragon when I was 25. I was so inspired by how young the author was. I read that the author couldn’t get a publishing deal and that he had to do some pretty amazing things to get his stuff out there. Then I read a truly ridiculous story which got published no problem and I kind of took that as a challenge, I guess. I also thought if a teenager can write so can I! That was when it became real. That’s when I began plotting.
How do you schedule your writing time? When do you write? 

I have three kids, a very busy husband and a life, as we all do. And though I am a stay at home mom, I home school my kids part time, so I really have to plan things out. My husband gives me one night a week of peace and quiet for writing and I do it when my youngest is in preschool also after the kids are in bed and early mornings that’s what I have to work with. My personal time, I give to writing. But writing has become so much more than just the creative stuff. I can’t believe how much extra work there is in promotion and social media. It really could be a full time job.

How and where do you write? Do you prefer a lap top or some other method of getting your words down? 
I am a pants-er, completely. I don’t really feel like my stories come from me per se. I don’t ever get writers block because my characters are so big they always have something to say. I of course work out the plot but truly I sit at the key board and my fingers go.
I type, but I do make a lot of notes in my little notebook of secrets. All the plot points I can’t forget, all the twists and turns my stories must make get jotted down there. I also print sections out. Like in my story BLOOD OF THE GODS, (my WIP). The gods have these kind of disembodied heads, very few tags, or descriptions, conversations periodically throughout the story and I recently had to print them all out and look at them on paper to find the flaws. So I guess I have several ways of doing it.

What's your favorite part about writing? Your least favorite part about writing? 
I love that I get to tell these cool stories. I love researching. Like with ELIZABETH TUDOR, I wanted it to be as historically accurate as possible. I read everything from novels, to encyclopedias, to her journals, to her speeches, to her bank statements, just to assure that I have things correct. I can get lost in the researching.
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I hate that I can’t write whenever I want. I get in moods where all I can think about is my story. During these times, I would write day and night if I could. And then I have times where all I want is to be far away from writing. Wow, putting that out there sounds a little bipolar doesn’t it. Well maybe it is, it doesn’t change the fact that when the juices are flowing I wish the world would disappear so I could enter a different world for a time.

How did you come up with your book idea? How long did it take you to write your book? 
Well, as a history major, when you learn about the sixteenth century you can’t help but learn of Henry VIII and all his wives and his shenanigans. I, of course, was fascinated with the subject but something my teacher said in passing one day sparked the idea for this book; what if Henry’s claims that Anne Boleyn entranced him really were true? The idea stuck and when I began writing it was just a natural topic for me to explore.
In ELIZABETH TUDOR: Ancestry of Sorcery, Anne and Elizabeth come from a long line of sorceresses, but Anne makes certain that her daughter, the potential queen of England, will be the most powerful one yet.
I am very excited about this story. I feel that it is a strong retelling made more interesting with the sparkle of magic and the tragedy of star crossed love.
It took me and entire year of consistent writing during naps times and early mornings and evenings to get ELIZABETH done. I don’t have a great memory and that is exacerbated by the fact that I’m dyslexic so when I am dealing with people and places and loads of facts I’m connecting, I must review every day. If I leave it for a week or something its literally like starting from scratch.   

What types of marketing do you do to promote your writing? I use social media exclusively right now. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Wordpress, Goodreads, Bookbub, basically anything I can. I had to hire an assistant to manage my social media because I just can’t keep up with it. My time is so finite. But I check over what she posts and make it my own.

What are you currently working on? Do you have a new book out? 
I am working on a super cool story about the Persian gods right now. There are hundreds of stories about the Greek and Roman gods but nothing about the Persian gods and they were the originals. So, I’m going for it. You can check out a little bit of it on Wattpad if you are interested.
However, ELIZABETH TUDOR: Ancestry of Sorcery will be out soon. December 1 2016 is my release date. FILLOS book 2 of Ancestry of Sorcery will begin a series run on my publisher’s website ( in January.

Do you have a project on the back burner? Tell me about it. 
I have something I am so excited about. It is a fantasy set in the Garden of Eden.  I call it GUARDIANS OF THE GARDEN. Briefly, it’s about a family that protects the garden of Eden from those wanting to gain immortality by eating of the tree of life. As time marches on they gain fantastic powers and they need them to protect the garden from advancing technology. My story starts in the chaos of a PRE-apocalypse world and a betrayal from inside the garden. I have a really amazing agent looking at it right now and I have high hopes.

What would you tell a beginning writer who wants to publish but doesn’t believe he/she has enough talent? 
I would tell them to write 500,000 words before they make any decisions about their talent as an author. I would also say don’t force it. If you have a story to tell it will come out. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, that just means you won’t be able to leave it alone. If you can’t leave it alone, you’re an author and you need to do your prerequisites. 
Read a ton. I feel like this is imprinting. You imprint good writing in your mind, all the while you practice. 
Research the elements of writing. How to show not tell, how to change tense, how to write tension, how to plot things out. 
Figure out if you’re a pants-er or a plot-er. 
Have people read your stuff and get some opinions.  If you do these things and you have a story to tell the ability to get it down on paper will come. So never ever lose hope. Then I say write an amazing query letter and send it to me at as of January 1, 2017. I am the new submissions manager there.
A Question for Me:

Traditional publishing or self publishing? 
Great question! I started out traditionally with my first book, bought the rights back, and now do things on my own. There is a lot of work in self publishing but I like having my hands in everything - the cover, the interior layout, the price, what I really want to edit and what I don't, etc.
Kind of like searching for what type of writer you are, whether a pants-er of a plot-er, a writer needs to ask themselves questions to learn what sort of publishing suits them best. 
Where a traditional publisher will take care of almost everything - excluding the marketing, which the author will have to do much of themself, self publishing gives the writer the freedom of making all of their decisions based on what they want. They might not have all of the connections to get their book in bookstores and libraries, but they will be able to make choices not readily available to traditionally published authors. 
Learn more about Theresa:
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My book is on Amazon at

and my book trailer is Thank you so much for your time! Please let me know if there is anything else you need. Theresa Pocock

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FRIDAY FLICKS: All Bears Need Love by Tanya Valentine

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Feel it?

It's time to enter!

Two winners receive free editing and publishing

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What it Really Means to be a Writer

It's not always easy being a writer:

Sometimes you miss out on an event because you are writing on deadline.

Sometimes, your work just needs another draft before its release...

Sometimes you find yourself too busy with everyday life to sit down and write at all.

Sometimes, you get feedback you don't like about your work or a one star review. 

It really takes some guts to keep going.

And when I say, keep going, I mean KEEP GOING.

You're not thinking of the past and all of the good stuff you've missed out in your life - you're thinking about what you've gained.

You're not upset about re-writing because you want your book the best that it can when you release it.

You're not too busy EVER to write, because writing is your life, and you make time for doing what you love.

You're not afraid of feedback because you know that some of it is valuable information - information that can be used to make your work better.

Being a writer is like walking a long path that isn't always clear, and yet, you remember the cobblestones underneath. You remember the colors, the textures, the way the wind felt against your cheek. 

To walk a writer's path, your writer's path, you are not always looking behind you either. In fact, you're looking forward most of the time, just waiting for the next bend, the next tree, the next idea.

And that's what being a writer is really all about, I think. Not looking behind, but forward. Always forward.

Forward March!


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TUESDAY TRAILERS: Tied Died (second draft)

Tie Died is going through its second draft!

Wonder what I'll find?

We shall see!

Get prepared for Tie Died's release in October 2017!

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Tell me a about yourself. What got you started in writing?

I grew up in Kearns, Utah, and moved to West Jordan a week before starting my 10th grade year at Copper Hills High School. My high school years found me fully immersed in choir, drama, and the tech lab. I also sported a pretty sexy tan my junior and senior years, what with all the lifeguarding I exhausted myself with during the summer. Hey, it's a hard job, soaking up the sun all day! 

Yeah... anyway, I served a 2-year mission for the LDS Church in Pennsylvania. I really learned to love those people, especially in Wayne County (you know, the Poconos). They still hold a special place in my heart. A year and a half after returning, I married my smoochie-poo and set sail on a new life. Five sons and twelve years of college later, I've worked as a bank teller, a call center grubby, a civil engineer, and now my greatest passion, a junior high English teacher. 

It's been a LONG journey, but I've finally found my calling in life. It takes a special kind of person to love junior high kids, and I fit the bill. Speaking of bills... it's a sad fact that school teachers can't really support their families on that one income, so I have also work in the Writing Center at Utah State University in Tooele. USU-Tooele because my family now lives in Tooele, Utah, where our five boys actively seek to tear down the house faster than I can rebuild it with my limited free time.

Although I dabbled in poetry in high school, I didn't truly realize my full writing abilities until 2008. After immersing myself in an endless array of fantasy and sci-fi novels, all in search for "that one story" I had been aching to enjoy, I finally decided to try my hand at it and create the story myself. Four months of brainstorming later, I had a 3-book fantasy series (BEHOLDERS) fully laid out and a tummy-twisted-dread to actually start writing the story. 

I don't know who was more terrified that I'd be a terrible writer, myself or my wife. Admittedly, I had probably watched Chevy Chase's "Funny Farm" too many times growing up. I just knew she was going to throw the manuscript in the fire. Fortunately, after I had created the first chapter of INSIGHT--the first book in BEHOLDERS--we both knew I had discovered a hidden gift for writing. Full steam ahead from then on!

How do you schedule your writing time? When do you write?

That's the big question, isn't it? I crank out some serious writing hours during the summer, when I don't have to plan 180 sets of curriculum for 8 different class periods. I seriously take advantage of those three months off school. Just this past summer, I cranked out 150,00 in 42 days. No wonder I suffer from carpal tunnel. Meh... it's an occupational hazard I'm more than happy to bear.

How and where do you write? Do you prefer a lap top or some other method of getting your words down? 

My writing zone is at a quaint table in my master bedroom. I own over 700 movie and video game soundtracks--a pricey addiction I gave up after leaving my civil engineering job--but the soundtracks help me zone-in. I carefully select from said selection every day, picking the perfect music to carry me through that day's writing. Just me, my little table, an alienware laptop, and a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones are all I need. Oh, and rootbeer barrels. Lots and lots of rootbeer barrels.

What's your favorite part about writing? Your least favorite part about writing?

My favorite moments are when my "magic fingers" take control. Although I have a semi-structured outline to carry me through the full series of BEHOLDERS, it's fascinating to see my imagination take control of the story. And it happens at the most unsuspecting times. For example, in my first novel INSIGHT, I was writing a scene when a man knocked on a village door, simply to remind them that he was leaving with his caravan soon. Little did I suspect, when the door opened, said man announced that one of the three main protagonists had been kidnapped. An entire chapter emerged because of that little moment, and it was one of the most exciting chapters I've ever written.
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Least favorite thing about writing? The sacrifices my wife and children have to make in order for me to write. It's not fair that I have to cut into their time, but they are endlessly supportive nonetheless.

How did you come up with your book idea? How long did it take you to write your book?

I've already explained a little of the background, but to go a little deeper... One of the biggest frustrations that I have with reading fantasy literature is encountering magic-wielding moments when I find myself musing, "That was stupid. Why didn't he just...?" I've ready too many books with flaws and loopholes in their magic system. Even The Lord of the Rings, my most favorite fantasy series of all time, is weak at its core. How is it that Gandalf can defeat a balrog, one of the greatest terrors of middle earth, but when a little squad of orcs attacks he finds himself crying for help. Bah. So I spent most of my 4 months of brainstorming BEHOLDERS purely focused on my new magic system, True Sight. As a reader, you begin the story right alongside the main character, clueless as to how to use your power. You get to follow along with the character as he both succeeds and fails in his attempts to control it. I joke that if anyone REALLY wants to know how to create a fireball between their hands, my book tells them exactly how to do it.

What types of marketing do you do to promote your writing?

Admittedly, not enough, but I have lame excuse. I'm in a transitional period because my old publisher, Jolly Fish Press, closed their doors a few months ago. A full book design takes time and money, both of which are in short supply at the James house. I don't want to push my book until I have all three books fully designed, ready for sales. In the meantime, JFP continues to profit off of amazon sales. I'll get there though, most definitely before April when the last book in my series is released.

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What are you currently working on? Do you have a new book out? 

Funny that you should ask. I was just talking about this! BEHOLDERS consists of three books: INSIGHT (book 1), TRUE SIGHT (book 2), and HINDSIGHT (book 3). The last book, HINDSIGHT (originally forecasted as two books), is scheduled to be released in April. Only two months away, and by far the best book in the series! I'm very proud of it.

Do you have a project on the back burner? Tell me about it.

Not right now. My family has sacrificed so much over the past 8 years. It's time I pay them back a little.

What would you tell a beginning writer who wants to publish but doesn't believe he/she has enough talent?

The only difference between a published author and an aspiring writer is an empty desk and a stack of blank paper. It will never be convenient to write. If you want to do it, you have to make time.

A Question for Me:

At our latest author event together, I noticed that you have a large collection of pottery, etc., to go along with your books. What's that all about?

Pottery? You must mean someone else's cool stuff. I'm not kidding. I have no pottery on my table for book signings. I do have plenty of books, postcards, a clip board for interested readers to write their name and email on, and oh, let's see, posters and easils and maybe even my initials in lights. Sorry, no pottery. What I like to do is to make my table as fun as possible.

Oh, maybe you mean the wrought iron pans? The ones I use as part of my mystery series? They're close to pottery I guess, so let's talk about them. I was at a signing about three years ago, and a gal who ran another booth brought them to me. "Would you trade these cute pans for your mystery book?" I only had one mystery out at the time, and it's called, Scrambled. Because you usually cook eggs in a frying pan, this vendor thought I'd like to display a couple of small pans as part of showing off my book. She was right. I traded.

I also have sun flowers that go with my Conquering Your Goliaths book. And let's see...I think that's it. You obviously needed to come closer to my table and talk to me about them. :)

Thanks for asking.

Learn more about Terron:

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FRIDAY FLICKS: The Cloak by Sarah Jennings

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The Cloak by [Jennings, Sarah]

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I don't know about you, but I count on my imaginary friends to help me get the words on paper. If they're out on vacation or sleeping the day away, I feel stuck.

The good news is, if a particular set of imaginary friends just aren't speaking with me, I can go in search of the ones waiting for me at one of my other projects.

It's amazing the varying and different places imaginary friends frequent, don't you think? 

That's why I'm always working on at least two projects at a time - sometimes more. When one of my projects gets hung up; i.e., one or more of my characters are mad at me, I allow them some breathing room while I visit another place. 

Who knows? Maybe when I return, they'll be ready to talk to me.

Happy Writing!


Do you have writer's ▉ ?

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Tell me a about yourself. What got you started in writing?

I have always been interested in telling stories. But never felt that I had enough talent or enough background in english to write. Until one day I just decided to write something for my children. I had a great story idea and wanted something for them to have as a legacy. So, I sat down and wrote my first book for them. After that I knew I could do this and haven’t looked back since.

How do you schedule your writing time? When do you write?

I’m up at 5:30am every work day. If I don’t schedule the time it just never happens. Having five kids, a full time job and church responsibilities fills my days. So I get up early and write before everyone is clamoring for my time

How and where do you write? Do you prefer a lap top or some other method of getting your words down?

I’m in front of my desktop pc every morning. I do use my laptop when I am traveling for work. But other then that I sit in the same spot, listen to the same music and type away.

What's your favorite part about writing? Your least favorite part about writing?

I love telling stories. There are hundreds of them rattling around in my head. So many I don’t think I could ever write all of them. I’m always coming up with new ideas. Get me talking about one sometime and I just won't shut up about tit. My wife has learned that it is just better to not ask about them.

My least favorite part is editing a manuscript when I am done. I really do struggle with grammar and having to go back and fix that is so hard for me.

How did you come up with your book idea? How long did it take you to write your book?

I come up with book ideas in my quiet moments of the day. I’m always looking at something and trying to figure out how I can tell a story about it. I keep a notebook by the side of my bed and when I am just waking up I often have new ideas. I make sure those all go in my notebook.

It takes me about two months to finish a first draft of a book. After that it is lots of time and work getting it ready for publishing. I have a few books that are written and just need final edits.

What types of marketing do you do to promote your writing?

Anything and everything I can. From word of mouth to social media to online paid ads. An author is like a self employed startup CEO, you have to be constantly talking about and pushing your books to be successful.

What are you currently working on? Do you have a new book out?

I’m currently finishing up a sci fi space opera under a pen name and the finally touches on a YA fantasy novel, that I hope to have out in the next few months.

Do you have a project on the back burner? Tell me about it.

Two years ago I wrote a unique and thought provoking short story called “The last hour”. I have wanted to turn that into a full length novel at some point.

What would you tell a beginning writer who wants to publish but doesn't believe he/she has enough talent?

That I don’t think I have any talent for writing. That some of my critics would agree with me on that. But writing isn’t about talent. It is about putting your butt in a chair, your hands on a keyboard and putting it down in a doc. Doing that time and again is what creates a story.  Over time and with practice it becomes something special. Writing “The End” to a story is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life and can only be gotten by doing. So my advice would be to pick a time, put your butt in a chair and write. You will be surprised at what will come out.


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